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Welcome To Our Web Site- Selling a Few of Our Calf Roping Horses

Welcome to our new web site.

We are Pryce and Jake Harris and we live in Canyon, Texas, which is about 15 miles south of Amarillo. We have roped calves and steers since we can remember. We both are in college right now on rodeo scholarships and Pryce attends West Texas A&M University in Canyon and Jake attends South Plains College in Levelland, Texas.

The reason we built this site was to sell our horses when we wanted to find something new. Since it's rare to find someone that is able to take a trade on a horse, and since we are always trying to better ourselves with what we are riding, we normally have 2 to 4 horse available for sale. Most of the time these are calf horses but we do team rope a little so occasionally, you may occasionally see one of our team roping horses.

We are not horse traders and we don't intend on making a living at selling horses. We are going to be brutally honest and open about our horses, tell you the good along with what we would like to improve on each. We will also try to have many different pictures and videos so you will know exactly what we have before you call us. We also won't have the cheapest "bargain horses" around. A good calf horse is hard to find, we work hard to keep them tuned up, and we take extremely good care of them while we have them. All of our horses are cared for by, what we think are, the two best equine vets in the world- Dr. Gregg Veneklasen from Timbercreek Vet Clinic and Dr. Chris Morrow from MVP Vet Clinic. Timbercreek Vet is 1 mile from our house and arena and MVP is approximately 5 miles and we encourage you to visit with them about any of our horses or for a vet check. Ray Bach has shod our horses for as long as we can remember. Ray is considered to be one of the premier horse farriers in the performance horse world. We are fortunate that he is our farrier and our friend.

One other thing, as we started to build this web site, the word got around to our roping friends having the same issues as us; not knowing how or where to sell their horses when they needed to purchase another one. Chances are, you may see a horse or two we don't own, but this is by no means a classified site. You will only see a horse on here if we have known the horse, have ridden the horse, and feel comfortable with the horse.

We look forward to answering any questions you might have.

Pryce and Jake Harris
Canyon, Texas